Nancy Calef was born in New York City, and moved to San Francisco in 1977. She is a multi-media artist whose paintings involve a socio-political narrative. While juxtaposing people in all manner of contemporary situations, Calef addresses social, political and spirituals issues facing society ("Peoplescapes).  She has been exhibiting nationally and internationally for over three decades.

By breaking the plane of the canvas with sculpture and found objects, Nancy adds the 3rd dimension, bringing humor and depth of character to difficult subjects. Calef has also created a body of plein-airwork as a result of studying the culture and landscape of the many countries she has visited. 

Calef's paintings have graced many book covers, in addition to publications worldwide. She is a singer-songwriter and author of Peoplescapes -- My Story From Painting To Purging an illustrated memoir.

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    Jody Weiner

Jody Weiner is a novelist, producer, and a practicing attorney for over forty years. Weiner wrote the literary suspense novel Prisoners of Truth; he co-authored Kinship With Animals, along with Jane Goodall, William Shatner and other animal activists, an anthology of true inter-species encounters, where he writes about serving as attorney to Koko the Gorilla. Jody was consulting producer and legal counsel for the documentary A Conversation with Koko: Genesis Award winner for Best PBS Documentary in 2000; he was consulting producer and wrote additional dialogue for Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil, animated feature film; he wrote the original comedy screenplay Heck No! optioned in 2012; co-authored Peoplescapes, My Story From Purging To Painting an illustrated memoir by Nancy Calef (Babu Books 2015); Jody just completed the novel Raise Your Other Right Hand (2019).

Jody was born and raised in Chicago where he spent many years defending criminal cases in state and federal courts. In 1985, he moved to San Francisco and began writing books and practicing civil law. His clients have ranged from MRI machine inventor Raymond Damadian to death row inmates, from NBA All-Star Norm Van Lier, to SKYY vodka inventor Maurice Kanbar. He is a Director and CFO of the Litquake Foundation, San Francisco’s Literary Festival. Jody was a 2013 recipient of The Acker Award for achievement in the Avant Garde. 


Agneta Falk was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1946. She’s a poet, visual artist, translator and editor, who’ve lived in England for thirty years, where she taught Drama and creative writing. She was also a co-director of Word Hoard, a literature development agency, promoting writing in the community and organizing poetry festivals. For the past twenty years she’s lived in San Francisco, USA. She’s has five volumes of poetry, as well as the co-editor of several anthologies, and is represented in many anthologies world wide. Her work is translated into many languages, and she’s participated  in International poetry festivals in Italy, Colombia, Peru, Iraq, Sarajevo, San Francisco, China, Switzerland.

She’s a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade, organizing events to raise awareness of social and political conditions at home and in the world. She exhibits her paintings in the USA as well as in Europe, and her work is represented in many public and private collections. In 2018 she was the recipient of a an International Poetry Award in Italy, the Regina Coppola Award. Her work is included in the Auerbach Collection of the Palace of Fine Arts. Marvin Sachner Collection of Archives, San Martin-D"here City Hall. Her forthcoming book of poems, AS MY HAND MOVES, will be published by Wild Ocean Press in 2019.


A special thanks and acknowledgement to Kevin Brown, an abstract painter and former airline pilot, who founded Live Worms Gallery eighteen years ago. His hard work and dedication over nearly two decades established the gallery, and brought the community together. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to continue his work.

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